28 February 2013

February Favourites (๑-__-๑)♥

Many of my favourites this month, especially cute & romantic dramas!
Nodame Cantabile
I have to say that this is the best drama ever! Chiaki & Nodame make the cutest couple.
Ouran High School Host Club
The drama was so much better than the anime! Tamaki & Haruhi were adorable! But I wish they showed more of this cute couple.
Qubool Hai (Indian drama)
Cute & funny romantic family drama
Tada Kimi Wo Aishiteru
Made me cry, so lovely!! Aoi Miyazaki did an amazing job! She looks like Mandy Moore. Both Aoi & Hiroshi made it so romantic & meaningful, the kissing scene was magical, kya!!
Must watch it again! (๑^ - ^๑)♥ Want to see this couple in a movie again!
Ouran High School Host Club
 Bokura Ita Ga
Cute and romantic, though I thought the movie was too long. Ikuta Toma was cute! ^ ^

Helter Skelter
A psychological movie about a model who is obsessed with her beauty and fame. The visuals were deep and meaningful, I liked everything expect he publicity stunt she did, it was not a good, too gruesome, so watch out! I was so not prepared for that > < shouldn't have seen that part.



24 February 2013

♥ Favourite Liz Lisa Spring Items 2013

Right now it's still snowing in Canada.  So tired of snow I really wish spring comes soon, I want to go see sakura in a big park in Toronto > < I was so tired of snow that I browsed Liz Lisa online, I love the pastel & florals of Liz Lisa, especially light blues & pinks, so cute! Looking at them makes me long for spring even more!
Hope to go Japan someday, will be in shopping heaven!

9 February 2013

Spring Japanese Fashion Loves

I absolutely love the lace, and colours it's so elegant and makes me want for spring to come soon! It's snowing in Canada (> < ) Japanese fashion is just too adorable! I mostly love Mori Girl, Fairy Kei & Classic Lolita Fashion. I hope to go to Japan soon! Would be shopping heaven for me!
Enjoy the lovely fashion pic spam: